Pallet transport

Pallet shipments - Domestic transport

We offer our customers our own transport network, created through our own branches and our own vehicle fleet. This washed-up network is managed by our employees, you and your customers can use it as well. We transport goods and shipments to third parties as needed.

Pallet transport and shipments of goods on pallets are carried out throughout the territory of the Slovak Republic. Delivery time within 24 hours from loading, or the next working day after receiving the shipment.

  • What parameters should your shipment meet? You can find in the table below.
  • Pick-up and delivery of the shipment after ordering is carried out anywhere - anywhere in the territory of the Slovak Republic.
  • Shipments can be distributed on cash on delivery (maximum amount of 1 authorization / cash on delivery = €5000).
  • All shipments are covered by insurance up to €10,000/shipment.

We provide the possibility of tracking the movement of your shipment through TRACK&TRACE, which you can find on our website.

Possibility of cooperation via data customer connection.

Pallet shipments - International transport to the Czech Republic

Thanks to exclusive, long-term cooperation with our partner in the Czech Republic, we offer our customers:

  • possibility of distributing their pallet shipments throughout the territory of the Czech Republic (export - import) within 24-48 hours of loading.
  • The connection between the two countries is on a daily basis, every working day.

All parameters and services associated with pallet transport within the territory of SK are also valid for transport to the Czech Republic.

Specification of pallet shipment parameters

Maximum total shipment weight 3,500 kg
Maximum weight of 1 piece of goods in the shipment 1,250 kg
Maximum height of the goods on the pallet 2.20 m
Maximum length of goods 3 m
Maximum volume of the entire shipment 14 m3

Tracking the movement of the shipment

Enter the shipment number